Cusco is a magical city rich in culture, with a peculiar town that presents certain characteristics that are manifested in its traditions. The New Year, the excitement and joy of this party; It is still less important in the calendar of its celebrations during the year; this party being one of the most important for its inhabitants.


One of the favorite places for the inhabitants of Cusco and visitors from all over the world; It is located in the middle and around the Plaza de Armas of Cusco. Large crowds of both local people and travelers gather here a couple of hours before midnight; The space becomes a cozy center of energy and joy that offers us a scene of beautiful fireworks and burning of rockets. At midnight, people intertwined in hugs and mentalizing their wishes to receive the new year; They will start moving counterclockwise around the water fountain in the middle of the square. The custom says that running seven laps around the Plaza de Armas attracts good luck for the new year.

Another typical New Year’s tradition in Cusco is to run around the block carrying an empty suitcase that symbolizes the desire to carry out a trip during the coming year.

As part of other traditions and customs it is also recommended to receive the new year using amulets and spells such as wearing yellow clothes and other accessories of this color that says the old tradition attracts good luck; also eat 12 grapes just before midnight, mentalizing a desire for each one; Another custom is to fill the pockets with lentils to attract money and fortune. Hours before the New Year the streets of Cusco and the most popular markets are filled with merchants and sellers who exhibit this type of products … as desired by the inhabitants of Cusco as an expression of self motivation and joy very characteristic of this special date.

After midnight and after having welcomed 2019 in the middle of the Plaza Mayor, between shouts and excitement, dreams and hopes … people want to continue enjoying the start of the new year, going to night entertainment centers, which offer good music, dance, nice food and drink; which make this special date an unforgettable experience for its local residents and its various visitors. The experience of receiving the new year in Cusco, it is not possible to feel it told … you have to live it intensely visiting this beautiful and magical place.

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